The Indian National Symphony Orchestra

India's only premier Symphony Orchestra consists of all professional musicians from across the country.

These musicians have been handpicked and specially trained under the Baton of Dr. Ashley Williams.

This is a pride for Karnataka to have the Indian National Symphony Orchestra based in Bangalore. The year 2012 was a very hectic year at the William Joseph Music Foundation. A dream was being brought to reality. India is now a global country – there is no east or west but only one world and this world can live in peace and harmony through music.

India could never boast of its very own National Symphony Orchestra comprising of leading musicians from far and wide across the country. A mammoth task of networking and bringing together the best to form what is now called the INDIAN NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.

These musicians have been hand picked and trained under the able guidance of Dr. Ashley William Joseph. 2 December 2012 saw history being made at the Leela Palace, Bangalore. Under the able baton of Dr. Ashley William Joseph was launched the INDIAN NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.

To make this dream come true what one needed was funding an sponsorships to pay for all the expenses involved in bringing together such a large group.

Mr. Cecil Dewar’s has always been the guiding force behind this movement, his encouragement at every of the way has been tremendous. He was also present at rehearsals and talking to encouraging the musicians. In his capacity as Sr. VP of TVS Motor Company he brought them in as one of the main sponsors. A big thank you to TVS Motor Company and Mr. Dewar’s.

John Thomas Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Is a real estate consulting company run by Rachel and Hemanth, they have supported our Global Peace & harmony Concert Series over the past 5 years.

Mr. Andrew Hendrian the General Manager of Leela Palace Bangalore has always come to the forefront to be a great supporter of the Symphony Orchestra in the Country. A big thank you to Mr. Hendrian for hosting the launch concert of the Indian National Symphony Orchestra at the Leela Palace, Bangalore.

OBJECTIVE : To nurture home grown talents. To create a platform for a conclave of musicians from all over the country to come together for the love of music and its performances. To professionally train and develop younger musicians and talent who are going to be the future of the Indian National Symphony Orchestra.

GOAL : Is to showcase Symphony Orchestra & Opera performances of International Standards by our very own Indian musicians for the Indian and International audiences.

For an Orchestra of this magnitude to grow and survive what we need is friend and supporters in the form of Donations and Sponsorships to keep this afloat.

It is a humble and earnest request to all those who can help out to come forward and continue supporting what India can truly be proud of – THE INDIAN NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.


With warmest regards and blessings

Dr. Ashley William Joseph
Resident Conductor and Founding Director