Courses Offered

Current Curriculum - towards the Music

Music Theory & Practice, Initial

Music Theory & Practice, Advanced

Forms & Analysis & Applied Music

History of Western Music, Initial

History of Western Music, Advanced

All teaching is as in the Indian Gurukula tradition therefore, as near as possible on a 1 to 1 basis thus shaped to each student's aesthetic, professional, and commercial need.

Current Curriculum - towards the Student

Difficulties whilst learning

Objectives of the Teaching Process

Qualifications to be developed within the Curriculum

Present Curricula

The present curricula covers the program outlined above and at present are non-residential daytime and evening studies, each proceeding at the student's pace and on a one-to-one basis.


2 year Diploma in Music & 2 year Diploma in Church Music.

The William Joseph International Academy for Performing Arts, situated in Bangalore, caters to the promotion, performance and education of the Performing arts across India.

The Academy is affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music [ London ] and is the first music school across India to be ISO 9001 - 2008 certified.

All programmes run under the ancient Gurukul System.

Students applying for the 2 Year Diploma in Music must have a basic knowledge of Music theory and be able to sing.

The Programme runs on a 4 semester basis. Only students who complete the required course material and pass in all examinations will be awarded the Diploma.

The Music Programme visualized aims at providing methodical training to a selected few of the church musicians of our country in general, so as to build in them competence to lead their respective choirs or singing groups in their churches. Broadly, the aims are classified as given under

The training envisaged will be conducted in the form of a full time course for 2 years, wherein the trainee admitted can either be a day scholar or resident.

The tutorial system is co-educational. Faculties presented in the aims such as instrumental accompaniment, choir training, choir directing, voice training, basic harmony, etc. are governed by individual faculty staff, who are generally experts in the field. The entire faculties are administratively monitored by a faculty chief, who will be solely responsible for executing the training programme in a professional manner. The training is interspersed with terminal proficiency tests, examinations and a number of field trainings wherever possible.


All students to take up 2 instruments plus Vocal techniques

Future Curricula

Future curricula will remain as already outlined, being improved where necessary. Residential fulltime courses are the ultimate aim, these developing alongside the non-residential, so that each student's studies are never out of contact with professional or other imperatives.

The Academy & the Bangalore Musical Association

The Academy is the teaching and the Association the performing Body; other performing groups affiliated with the Academy being free of this arrangement, but directly linked with the Academy.

Outlook and Growth

The Academy teaches in English and can teach in other Indian languages. Our aim is to provide serious musicianship both for the classical and popular entertainment worlds, both here and overseas, and for the Church. Already one or two of our students, having gone overseas, have found their place in western musical circles.

Here, in India, we recognize that church ceremony can be enriched by the input of the European best, and the adaptation of Indian traditions to the developing musical potential available to the world wide Christian Communion. Church and other Musicals are not out of place here

Affiliations and Association

The only Music School across India to have been ISO certified under the Norweigien Accreditation Board.

The Royal School of Church Music, London